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We strive to enrich marriages and relationships, rebuilding and restoring trust, respect, connection, and faith in God.

Who We Are

The Excellent Marriage is a company founded by Deona, and works alongside with her husband, David Frierson, with the purpose of providing therapeutic avenues that support and strengthen marriages. We understand that relationships and marriages are complex for some couples, especially when you are encountering changes and challenges that greatly affect your connection with each other. We understand the close ties between couples and families. Problems within the marital unit can affect the mental health of the entire family. Our marriage counseling is geared to assist you with every area of your life, whether married, engaged, or single.

Deona M. Frierson, LCSW

Deona M. Frierson, LCSW, is an Imago Therapist who specializes in marriage, relationship, and couples counseling. She enjoys helping couples heal through their marital relationship. As a Licensed Therapist, She also enjoys working with women and discussing issues faced throughout life. Especially relevant, these issues may cause a loss of focus in the area of being great wives, mothers, and professionals. Deona is described as “a breath of fresh air, vibrant, competent, caring, encouraging, and safe.”

David D. Frierson, MS

David D. Frierson, MS, is an Information Technology Architect/Senior Software Developer. In addition, he has trained alongside Deona in the Art of Helping and Rebuilding Relationships. Due to his role as a Marriage Counselor, David received training as an Imago Educator along with graduate-level training in Professional Counseling. Opposite to Deona in personality, many describe David as a “serious, focused, dedicated person who has the heart to see others succeed.”

As marriage counselors, they are passionate about seeing marriages restored and helping people understand God’s plan for marriage. This couple is exceeding 20 years of marriage and enjoys spending time with their three children, Malik, Isaiah, and Hannah.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at The Excellent Marriage is to support and help couples build and maintain strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationships that are rooted in trust, respect, authenticity, and faith. We aim to create a safe and supportive space where couples can openly discuss their concerns in every aspect of their lives and work together towards common goals. Our goal is to encourage couples to be the best versions of themselves.

Our Vision Statement

We envision becoming an excellent instrument in building bridges and strengthening bonds among couples, integral to the foundation of their union. Our vision is to be the trusted provider of marriage counseling, known for our expertise, compassion, and commitment to helping succeed in their relationships.

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