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Building happy, fulfilling, and faith-based relationships and marriages

Several options exist for couples hoping to restore connection, enhance their relationship, rebuild safety, and prevent an unwanted divorce. Our marriage counseling services help couples before marriage and married couples navigate the intricacies of relationships and develop skills in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to make each of the couples the authentic versions of themselves, fostering growth, faith, trust, respect, and openness.

Our group counseling is designed to help husbands and wives work separately to better themselves in the context of their marriage. Group counseling guides men and women to be authentically present, which positively impacts the foundation of marriage. In addition, whether you are a disconnected couple or the couple, marriage counseling is one of the most favorable gifts you can give to your marriage.

The Excellent Marriage also offers marital seminars/retreats and pre-marital seminars/retreats, fostering healing and growth through the context of Christian values and principles. We help couples before marriage and married couples to integrate faith into their marriage and have a God-centered marriage. We believe each marriage is distinct with its own desired goals, which is why we offer ongoing support and guidance with a personal touch. We are glad to share with you the success stories of our clients here. It is our joy and satisfaction to have a positive impact on our clients’ lives.


Fees are $200 for initial appointments and $175 for concurrent appointments.

Marriage Counseling Services We Offer

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